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Shortly About Us

LandMark Security Limited was incorporated under the Companies Code 1963, (Act 179) in Victoriaborg, Accra-Ghana, in 2009. LandMark Security Limited is a locally owned and operated security contract company with a competent management support staff. LandMark Security remains a medium size security company by choice to enable us effectively service our clients.

One of LandMark Security’s cardinal principles in providing services is to always examine the convergence point between theory and practice in the performance of its functions and responsibilities to our clientele. We are innovative and aggressive in our attempts to obtain the goals we have defined, always seeking further knowledge, and always challenged.

We have a strong responsibility to ensuring that our duty of securing, providing valid intelligence, operational policies and actions are taken and executed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ghana. LandMark Security Limited as a matter of protocol shall always collaborate effectively with the nationally accredited security officers in the deployment and execution of its duties.

LandMark Security limited as a commitment, would at all times make use of available local capacity at its disposal to foster good working relationships for both the resident company in satisfying its corporate social responsibility (CSR) roles and creating jobs for its people.

This we refer to as an ultimate aim of enhancing stewardship but not neglecting the core principle of dedication and attention to details.

In some cases, guards will be brought in from a location other than the employer’s locality, but this will be done upon evaluating the security risks and its implications on the client.

A thorough situational assessment of the local terrain will be conducted and recommendations made based on sound and empirical evidence associated with those identified risks.

Guards are thoroughly screened by the Criminal Investigations department of the Ghana Police Service. Guarantors are required to undersign their appointment documents before the commencement of duty; this is to provide an assurance of good behavior and character of the employee.

Our Team

Frank Parker
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Harrison Amoyaw
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Our Partners

We have partnered with Shanghai Shuhui Electronics, a professional enterprise with years of dedicated effort in surveillance equipment manufacturing and specific high end technology equipments, and continue to develop best quality and newest technology all the time to provide best products and services. read more

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