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Keeping in Touch

It is our utmost priority to provide our clients and visitors with the very best of services. Please contact us through the various departments and we would be delighted to assist in providing security solutions for everyday life.

Corporate Office

Our corporate headquarters is within the City of Accra, with satellite offices in areas of operations, allowing staff of the company and top level managers to be immediately available to answer client concerns and resolve problems as they occur.

Physical Location

No.5 Sakumono Link
Adjacent Allied Service Station
Spintex Road, Accra.
Postal Address

Box AN 16664

Please find below the list to find the department you are looking for. If what you are looking for is not included in the list, please contact General Enquiries.

Sales and Services:
For a quotation or further information about services and solutions offered by LandMark Security.

Telephone: +233 24 473 2060
E-mail:       sales@LandMarkSecurity.org

To find out the status of:
  1. An already placed order
  2. Order deliveries & time scales
  3. Received order deliveries

Telephone: +233 30 702 0118
E-mail:         orders@LandMarkSecurity.org
For training enquiries:
  1. Dates and Locations of training courses
  2. Training Needs Analysis
  3. Course design and development
  4. Train the Trainer
  5. E-Learning

Telephone: +233 30 702 0118
E-mail:         training@LandMarkSecurity.org

Technical Support:

Technical support is available to those who have support and maintenance contracts with LandMark Security Limited. If you are not certain that you have technical support or you want to log a support call, please contact:

Telephone: +233 30 702 0119
E-mail:         support@LandMarkSecurity.org

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