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Our relationship with your organization will always be treated with the highest level of discretion, loyalty and confidentiality within the framework of national and international laws; from planning phase through to development.
As a client, you will be involved from the beginning to ensure that we thoroughly address all your security risk and associated issues in a cost effective manner to increase productivity.

In the performance of our duties, we acknowledge the fact that every single action that a guard takes can have considerable implications on the liberty of the citizen with whom they are dealing. We strive fervently per our strict SOP’s to make such interactions positive so as to keep our clients in business with a rippling effect on our sustainability.

Our Committment

We put a great deal of focus on understanding our clients' security needs before employing innovative strategies and proven technology on their behalf and acknowledge the fact that, there is satisfaction in putting a permanent smile on the face of client.
Employees at all times exhibit a high standard of professionalism in the execution of their duties and have as essential responsibility to protect by safeguarding rights, safety, freedoms and protecting property.

Our Philosophy

To deliver exceptional service to our clients ensuring that our clients are able to concentrate on their primary objectives, leaving LandMark Security to deal with all matters related to security.
This philosophy relies on the following principles:
  • Discretion and Integrity
  • Safety
  • Professional excellence and transparency
  • Client confidentiality
  • Respect for human rights, national and international laws
  • Full and open engagement with clients
  • Support for industry regulation
  • Employee duty of care

LandMark Security is fully committed to setting and adhering to the very highest standard of ethics, conduct and procedures.

All employees including management sign up to an internal ethical code of conduct which highlights the necessity for all involved to behave at all times ethically and with total integrity.

LandMark Security limited subscribes to the Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials (Adopted by the UN General Assembly, Resolution 34/169 of 17 December 1979.

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