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Who We Serve

LandMark values business and strives to provide the best of services for you as a client to help achieve your business objectives and maximize profits. We see security service delivery as a partnership between us and the client.

  • Government & International Organizations

  • Educational Institutions

  • Religious Institutions

  • Individual Property & Homes

  • Civil Engineering & Construction

  • Mining and Exploration Industry

  • Oil & Gas Industry

  • Insurance and Financial Services

  • Real estate, Leisure & Sports

  • Transport (Air, land and sea) and Telecommunications

Our ultimate role is to secure the environment necessary for improved business stability. We are expects in the protection of critical and sensitive installations situated in any part of the country. Specifically, the role of LandMark Guards on duty at your premises is to;
  1. Provide early warning to facility management of the existence or likelihood of any security threat to the premises, or individuals or to the properties.

  2. Provide intelligence on localized forms of threat that may not have any peculiar character.

  3. Perform such functions of guarding and securing as the possessor may sign to it.

Effective Training to meet Our Delivery Expectations

We acknowledge the diverse nature of security business and the technicalities in performing duties to perfection, for that matter our guards under take specific training modules that offer enlightenment in issues dealing with security. There is a working collaboration with the National police training academy for new and refresher training of staff.

  • Duties of a Security Guard

  • Rules and practices of Combat

  • Public Safety and Security (ie, Crowd control)

  • Self defense techniques

  • Criminal Code and Law

  • Crime Prevention

  • Communication Skills

  • Report Writing and Delivery

  • Crime Scene Management

  • Handling of Sensitive Information

  • Weapons Handling (ballistics)

  • Security Organizational Culture

  • Human Rights Protection

  • Law of Evidence

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • First Aid and Safety

Employees at all times exhibit a high standard of professionalism in the execution of their duties and have an essential responsibility to protect by safeguarding rights and freedoms and protecting property.

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