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Sale and Installation of Security Systems

We have partnered with one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of surveillance products, including CCTV camera, Video Door phone series, DVR, DVR card, Monitoring Series, Biometric and Access Control, Public Address Systems, Speaker Series, Alarm Products, Pan series ,Public radio equipment, etc.

LandMark Security Limited is the main distributor for the domestic market and West African sub-region and favored because of our high quality service standards, and the provision of 24/7 technical support for purchased products

As a sole distributor in such products, we are always driven to evaluate new perspectives, ideas, practices, and processes that challenge us to improve our performance, to bring our best advantages, quality, and service to our customers.
Click here for a full range of available surveillance equipments.

Technical Support is guaranteed around the clock after installations, in some special instances, we provide training to individuals to effectively manage minor snags within their set-ups with us providing constant remote support.

Please contact us for a free SURVEY and ADVICE on which appropriate systems for use by your industry or home. show form hide form

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