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Our Services

Our areas of expertise include everything from guarding, escort services, VIP follow-ups, logistical dispatch, recognition of work place threats, to nightly foot patrols and special-event security. We handle each security operation in a highly professional manner, so you can be assured that your situation will be resolved successfully and confidentially.

Services List:

  • Special Event Security
  • Escort Services
  • Driver Services
  • Traffic Control
  • VIP Follow-ups

Special Event/Crowd Security

The main objective of such engagement would be to maintain public order and safety of persons and property.
In order to prevent, or at least minimize, the perpetration by undesirable elements of anti-social and illegal activities in the event of any public gathering or disaster, LandMark Security limited endorses that proper operational orders must always be drawn up specifying;
  1. The Nature of the Operation

  2. The Mode of Operation

  3. The time of commencement of the operation and

  4. Most importantly the time of falling out

  5. Debriefing to client on the situation as at the time of falling out of duty

Escort Services

The main objective of such obligation is to maintain close protection of the client to safeguard him/her from danger or harm.
Instances where sensitive documents, equipments and logistics need to be moved between two points, such service of securing and delivering is provided.
Youth in Security

LandMark Security Limited will undertake the youth in security service module in partnership with the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) under the Ministry of Manpower, Youth, and Employment.
This participatory initiative is important in terms of addressing a potential “youth unemployment problem” by giving young individuals with uncertain career prospects something constructive to do.

The aim of this involvement is to function as a conduit to assist local communities in matters of community safety and protection duties by collaborating with the Ghana Police Service within the local areas of operation. This in our view has a broader goal of encouraging the public to appreciate itself as partners of the police in controlling and preventing crime in local communities within Ghana.

The specific duties will be to conduct community patrols and sensitization of local communities about their security needs and expectations. The geographic extent of such operations will not be limited to the urban metropolitan centers and therefore the activities will directly affect other instances of criminality, including neighborhood and highway robbery, mob justice, and other non-traffic offences.

With the expertise in GIS/GPS technologies, LandMark Security would support, build capacity and promote other aspect of the module by working with the Ghana police service crime unit to geocode all crime scenes with related attributes for crime analysis and forecasting. Such data will b used to map out areas (Hotspots) with high degree of occurrence or with the likelihood of crime occurring to be proactive in crime preventions as stated in the 2010 budget statement.

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