We are a leading security consulting company in Ghana with years of professional experience in private security services and defence contracting.

LandMark Security, LLC (LMS) is uniquely positioned and partners with host governments’, multinational companies and corporations in Ghana, West Africa and Africa to deliver critical security projects/programs. Incorporated in 2009 in Victoriaborg, Accra- Ghana under the Companies Code 1963 (now Companies Act 2019). LandMark Security remains a medium size security company by choice to effectively serve the needs of our clients’.

As a founding member and a signatory company to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers, and Association (ICOC, ICOCA) based in Geneva. Our activities are in line with international best practices, and we exhibit remarkable respect for human rights in business operations. The company also subscribes to the tenets of the voluntary principles (VPs), and Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials (Adopted by the UN General Assembly, Resolution 34/169 of 17 December 1979).

Mission Statement

LMS through its procedures, systems and people will deliver exceptional services to our clients ensuring that our clients are able to concentrate on their primary objectives, leaving us to deal with all matters related to security.

Vision Statement

To be a growing professional security company with external presence, serving as an integral part of every security need, and providing effective protective assurance to people and communities.

We take our responsibility of providing effective protection to our clients seriously and are guided by our core values which include:

  • Professional excellence and transparency
  • Discretion and integrity
  • Client confidentiality and openness with engagements
  • Respect for human rights, national and international laws
  • Full and open engagement with clients
  • Support for industry regulation
  • Employee duty of care

Strategic Objectives

These are short to long term strategic objectives which are aligned with LMS organization’s mission and vision:


Customer Services

Retain and improve our service approach for existing and new customers.


Financial Sustainability

To increase revenue and net profit by 10% annually.


Operations Management / Service / Product

To ensure exceptional service and product delivery meeting the highest industry standards.


Alliance Management

Establish one new strategic alliance/partnership annually.


Technology Management

Increase efficiencies through use of current and existing technologies.


People / Knowledge / Training

To continually develop the leadership abilities and potential of our team through cross-functional training and adoption of current best practices.


Health and Safety

Maintain workplace safety with zero reported LTIFR.


Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Ensure compliance to applicable laws/standards, improve reporting and transparency.

Please contact us for a free SURVEY and ADVICE on which system is appropriate for use by your industry or home.