Complaints and Grievance

Complaints may be submitted by anybody who has a reason to complain about any form of abuse, has been harmed or has reason to believe that a violation of fundamental human rights occurred or is about to occur. Once submitted, the Company will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours and where necessary (in case of a non-anonymous reporting) will contact you to further discuss your complaints. All related complaints will be addressed within fourteen (14) days and feedback provided where applicable.

All information will be kept strictly confidential and no action will be taken without the consent of the concerned person. If it is anonymous reporting, additional measures shall be taken to ensure your safety and maintain confidentiality as prescribed by existing regulations.

Trusting that the issue will be addressed, and update on the resolution status will be provided to the Company Board, ICOCA & any other established body mandated to advice or review our actions. Should you at any point wish to be contacted, or receive feedback on the status of your complaints, kindly call +233 30 702 0119, or send a direct email to

Please check our Code of Conduct Policy for details on our Grievance Procedures, Whistleblower & Anonymous reporting guidelines.

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